Tuesday, April 3, 2012

May Flowers

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This tutorial was written by Sharon A on Apr 3, 2012 & is copyright protected
For more info read my TOU

Supplies Needed
Lilac here

Graphics Plus Cross Shadow
Eyecandy 4 HSB Noise
DSB Flux Bright Noise

The tube I used #3-2, May Flowers is by Ash Evans, you can purchase this tube from CDO here

The name of my font is Floralies
I used size 48 for my text & 60 for my name

Open new transparent canvas 700x700, we will resize later
Floodfill with a color from your tube
Apply texture>mosiac weave, scale 30, depth 1

Paste your lilacs as a new layer
Resize to 175%
Add drop shadow
Change layer properties to luminance

Duplicate 2 times
Apply graphics plus cross shadow, change the bottom 2 numbers to 90
Repeat on other 2 layers changing the #'s to 80 & 70

Paste your tubes as a new layer
Resize as needed & position into place
Add drop shadow

I was able to use my magic wand to select around the wings of my cat, depneding on your tube you may have to use the freehand selection tool
Duplicate 2 times
Apply eyecandy hsb noise using default settings, change the pattern to smooth fractal
Repeat on other 2 layers clicking on the random seed button each time
Select around the hat of the other tube
Duplicate 2 times
Apply dsb flux bright noise, intensity 40, mix checked
Repeat on other 2 layers changing intensity to 45 & 50

Resize all layers to 70%

Add your text, name & © info


Hide all your middle & bottom animation layers
Merge visible
Copy & paste into animation shop

Undo your merge
Hide top layers, unhide middle layers
Merge & paste after current in animation shop

Undo your merge
Hide middle layers, unhide bottom layers
Merge visible & paste after current in animation shop

View your animation

Save as gif & you're all done!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial

Your comments are very much appreciated either here on this post or on the chat box.  I've made it easy for you to post on this tut by turning off the requirement of having to type in a confirmation code

I would love to post your © compliant result, just emaail it to me with ATT Sharon & the tut name in the subject line

You'll find my email blinkie on your left 


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