Sunday, April 29, 2012

Guardian Angel At My Window

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This tutorial was written by Sharon A on Apr 29, 2012 & is copyright protected
For more info read my TOU

Supplies Needed
Celestial scrapkit by me here

DSB Flux Bright Noise
Eyecandy glass
Xenofex Constellation

The tubes I used Tides (1-2) & Celestial (2-1) are by Jonathon Earl Bowser, you can purchase these tubes from CDO here

The name of my font is Tagettes
I used size 36 & 48

Open new transparent canvas 700x700, we will resize later
Floodfill with dark blue
Add an inner bevel
Apply bright noise intensity 50, mix checked
Apply contellation
Settings>medium>keep original image checked

Paste your window as a new layer
Holding down your shift key select all 4 winow panes with your magic wand
Expand 3

Add a new raster layer
Floodfill with a rainbow gradient
I set mine on radial, angle 45, repeats 12
Move to below your frame
Do Not Deselect

Paste your first tube as a new layer
Resize as needed
Add drop shadow
Position on left side of the windown

Paste your second tube as a new layer
Repeat what you did with the first one
Position on right side of window
Merge down
Invert your selection
Delete & deselect

Apply bright noise to your window intensity 35, mix checked

Holding down your shift key click inside the window panes again
Expand 3
Add a new raster layer

Apply eyecandy glass
Lighting>click on select from file>sky sun & dusk

Paste moon & stars 2 as a new layer
Floodfill with a sky blue
Resize to 40%
Add an inner bevel & drop shadow
Position in the upper left corner
Duplicate, mirror & merge down
Repeat bright noise changing intensity to 40, mix checked

Paste moon & star chain as a new layer
Resize to 50%
Position on right side of your window
Add drop shadow
Duplicate & mirror

If you're using the same tube as I am:
Paste layer 7 from your tube as a new layer
Resize to 50%

Select around the lower left dove
Copy, cut & deselect
Paste as a new layer
Position at the upper left of your frame covering the top of your moon & star chain

Repeat with the lower right dove
Position on upper right of your frame

Move the remaining dove to the very top of your window frame

If you're using a different tube then you can subsititute the doves with something else

Paste flower 5 as a new layer
Erase the hook
Resize to 30%
Position on lower right corner of your window
Add drop shadow

Paste flare 3 as a new layer
Floodfill with your sky blue
Resize to 60%
Position on your window as shown on my tag
Add an inner bevel & drop shadow

Paste your angel as a new layer
Resize as needed to make her small
Position on the bottom left of your window frame
Add drop shadow

Change layer opacity to 90

Keep duplicating decreasing layer opacity by 10 until you're down to 20
You'll have 9 angel layers

Resize all layers to 70%

Add your text, name & © info


Hide all your angel layers except the bottom one
Merge visible
Paste into animation shop

Hide your bottom angel & unhide the next one up
Merge visible & paste after current in animation shop

Keep doing this until all 9 frames are pasted

I changed the frame properties on frames 2 - 8 at 45
Frames 1 & 9 at 90

View your animation

Save as gif & you're all done!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial

Your comments are very much appreciated either here on this post or on the chat box.  I've made it easy for you to post on this tut by turning off the requirement of having to type in a confirmation code

I would love to post your © compliant result, just email it to me with ATT Sharon & the tut name in the subject line

You'll find my email blinkie on your left


Result by Kaye W

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