Saturday, August 6, 2011

Secrets of Dawn

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This tutorial was written by Sharon on August 6, 2011
For more info read my TOU

Supplies Needed
Sqirlz Water Reflection (A free program) here

Animation shop

A background image with water

The tube I used is by Elias Chatzoudis, you will need a license to use which you can purchase from PTE here
Photo by Jon Rattenbury, also an artist at PTE

For info on using 2 PTE artists read section 10 of the PTE TOU here

Open Sqirlz program
Open your photo
Click on the round circle at the top of the left tool bar
Select around the water area, when you get back to your starting poing right click your mouse
On the upper tool bar look for wavy blue icon, click on it
On the pop up window select E for motion type
Click on Add Flow
I set flow direction at 50 and flow strength at 30
Click on the yellow arrow then x out of both pop up windows
Click on the GIF icon
Select ripples only
Name your animation
Click ok

Back to psp
Open the non animated version of your photo

Paste your tube as a new layer
Resize as needed
Position into place
Add drop shadow

Add your name

Add your © and photo info

Merge your tube, name & info layers
Copy & paste into animation shop

My animation has 20 frames so I need to multiply my tube to 20 frames

Select all on the tube & on the animation

Grab the tube by the 1st frame and drop it onto the 1st frame of the animation
View your animation to be sure everything is ok

Save as gif and you're all done!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial

I would love to post your © compliant result, just email it to me with the tut name in the subject line



Result by Nancy

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