Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mountain Stream

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This tutorial was written by Sharon on Feb 13, 2011
For more information read my TOU

Supplies needed
Sqirlz Water Reflection which is a free program.  You can get it here
For a tutorial on how to use the program go here but I'll show you what you need to know for this tut
Animation shop

Eyecandy 5 Impact Gold Chrome Abstract Penny

You will need a mountain image with water.  The one I used is by Jon Rattenbury.  You will need a license to use which you can purchasehere
This image may be used with any PTE artist

The tube I used is by Tim Lowery.  You need a license to use which you can purchase here

Open your image, shift D to duplicate and close original

Resize to 85%
Copy and paste as a new image
Save to your hard drive and close

Back to your duplicated image
Undo resize
Gaussian blur radius 10

New layer
Apply eyecandy gold chrome abstract penny with default settings
Select all
Contract 5
Effects>Edge Effects>Enhance
Merge down

Open your Sqirlz program
Open your resized image, the one you saved.  It will look kind of distorted but this will not show up in your result
With the selection tool (the one that looks kind of like a lasso) select around the water
When you end where you stared right click on it

Now click on the wavy lines up above
Leave everything on default except Motion Type, change this to E
Now click on Add Flow
I put the flow direction on 60 and the flow strength on 2
Click on the yellow arrow
X out of the settings
You'll now see your animation
If you're happy with it click on gif on the upper right
Click on ok
Name your animation
Click on ok again

Open animation shop
Open your animation
I have 20 frames
Select all
Copy and paste into your psp program

Now you will need to paste each layer onto your merged image

Activate the top layer
Select all>float>defloat
New layer
Apply eyecandy gold chrome with same settings as before
Contract 4
Enhance edge
Do Not Deselect

Paste your tube as a new layer
Resize as needed
Move to lower right
Invert your selection
Merge down

Add your © info and any other text you may want to add
Merge down

Hide all layers except the top one and the bottom 2
Merge visible
Copy & paste into animation shop

Back to psp, undo your merge
Hide the bottom animation layer, the one above your background layer and unhide the 2nd one
Merge visible
Copy and paste after current in animation shop

Repeat these steps all the way up

You should have 20 frames

Frame properties 10

Save as gif and you're all done!

I would love to see your results, just email it to me.  The link is on the right

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial


Result by Kaye W

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