Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Christmas Snow

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This tutorial was written by Sharon on November 18, 2010
Please read my TOU

Supplies Needed
Scrapkit Xmas Candy Cane by Lacarolita Designz here
Gradients MQC Ribbon Green & MQC Holiday Here
Snow Mound Here
Font Used:  Christmas, you can get it at

I used the fabulous artwork of Popeye Wong here

Filters Unlimited 2.0
Vanderlee Snowflakes

Open a new transparent canvas 930x450, we can resize later.  I made this for a blog so thats why so big lol

Flood fill with gradient, angle 45 and repeats 4
Apply Filters Unlimited Kaleidoscope 2>Divisions 48 and Variation 192
Apply Filters Unlimited>Paper Textures>Cotton Paper/ Fine>Intensity 128 and lightness 96

Copy and paste as new image, minimize for now

Apply border size 15 all the way around with a contrasting color
Select with your magic wand and flood fill with the Holiday Gradient same settings as above
Effects>Texture Effects>Blinds with the following settings

Effects>3D Effects>Inner Bevel with these settings


Add another border size 20
Flood fill with a dark red gradient, select with your magic wand and repeat the blinds effect, UNcheck horizontal
Repeat inner bevel changing the bevel from #12 to #2

Add 1 more border size 15, repeat same as the first one
Resize back to 930 pixels wide

Back to your copied image
Add a border 15 pixels all the way around
Flood fill with your red gradient
Apply blinds effect with the same settings as the screenshot shows
Apply inner bevel using bevel #2
Resize to 80% and paste as a new layer on the image with 3 borders, duplicate 3 times for a total of 4

Paste Candy Cane Tree as a new layer, resize to 38%
Move over to the edge of the frame on the larger image, duplicate & mirror.  Merge down.  Using your move tool, press your down arrow one time

Paste your tube as a new layer, resize if needed

Paste the snow mound as a new layer, place below the trees and resize to 93%
Move to the top of your smaller image border

Add your copyright info


Activate the top layer of your duplicates
Using your selection tool select around the inside of the border

Apply Vanderlee Snow Flakes with the following settings

Rename layer to snow 1
Apply snowflakes on the next layer changing amount from 40 to 38 and random seed to 2, rename to snow 2
On next layer change amount to 36 and random seed to 3, rename to snow 3
On last layer change amount to 34 and random seed to 4, rename to snow 4

Merge your copyright info, tube, trees and snow mound layers

Hide the bottom 3 snow layers, merge visible.  Copy and paste to animation shop

Back to PSP, undo your merge.  Hide snow 1 and UNhide snow 2, merge visible and paste after current in animation shop

Repeat with snow layers 3 & 4

I resized mine to 650 pixels wide

Frame properties 15

Save as gif and you're all done

I hope you have enjoyed doing this tutorial


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