Monday, September 19, 2011

Successful Woman ~ SAC

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This tutorial was written by Sharon on Sept 19, 2011
For more info read my TOU

Supplies Needed
Scrapkit Nightlife by Bea here
(Click on her 4 Shared link near the top and scroll down)

Template Successful by Dee here
(Click on Templates on the top then go to page 2)

The tube I used Wild Booty Girls Blonde is by Nils, you can purchase this tube from PTE here

Open your template, shift D to duplicate & close original
Delete credit layer

Activate raster 7
Select all
Paste paper 2 into selection

If you're using the same tube I am it comes with the closed eyes and the open eyes layers
For this tutorial I am going to assume you are using the same tube

Paste one of the tubes as a new layer
I resized to 80%
Rotate right 15
Place into position

Paste the other tube
Resize to 80%
Rotate right 15
Position exactly over the first tube

Hide the top tube and look closely to make sure you see no movement except the eyes opening and closing
If you see other movement move the top one to match the bottom one
You can unhide it

Move both tube layers to below the bottom black strip layer
Rename to animation 1 & 2

Activate the white square layer
Select all>float>defloat
Paste paper 14 into selection

Floodfill all the strips, circles and squares with 3 colors selected from the paper

Floodfill the word art

Floodfill the white circles with black

Paste flower 7 as a new layer
Resize to 40%
Position over small circle
Add drop shadow

Paste butterfly 4 as a new layer
Resize to 35%
Position near your tube
Add drop shadow
Duplicate 3 times and position in various areas

Resize all layers to 70%

Add your name & your © info

Hide animation 1 and merge visible
Copy & paste into animation shop

Undo your merge
Unhide animation 1 & hide animation 2
Merge visible
Copy & paste after current in animation shop

I set the frame properties at 200 for the open eye frame & 30 for the closed eye frame

Save as gif & you're all done!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial

I would love to post your © compliant result, just email it to me with the tut name in the subject line


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