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Wild Cowgirls Have Fun

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This tutorial was written by Sharon on Aug 8, 2011
For more info read my TOU

Supplies Needed
Scrapkit Wild Wild West here

I made a very simple template just for this tut.  You can get the PSD format here
If you need the PSP format just send me an email

A butterfly

The tube I used is by Keith Garvey, you will need a license to use which you can purchase from PTE here

Watch the butterfly for a minute.  Notice how it will turn for awhile then the wings will flap?  Neat huh?  You'll learn how to do that with this tut thanks to the animation lessons I am doing.  But you can leave it un-animated if you wish as I do like you to use your imagination lol

Open your template and press shift D to duplicate.  Close original

Activate raster 1
Select all
Paste paper 1 into selection

Activate raster 3
Select all
Paste paper 7 into selection

Paste your tube as a new layer
Resize as needed
Add drop shadow

Paste grass flowers as a new layer
Resize to 85%
Position at bottom lining it up with raster 3
Add drop shadow

If you're not gonna animate your butterfly go ahead and paste it as a new layer
Resize as needed
Add drop shadow

Paste belt 2 as a new layer
Resize to 90%
Position at the bottom of raster 3 so it covers up the cut off legs lol
Move this layer to between the grass flowers & your tube
Add drop shadow

Paste wagon as a new layer
Resize to 60%
Add drop shadow

Paste bow 3 as a new layer
Resize to 25%
Position on wagon
Add drop shadow

Paste cowgirl wordart as a new layer
Resize to 75%
Position lower right
Add drop shadow

Add your name and text

Resize all layers to 75%

Add your © info

If you're not gonna animate go ahead and merge all layers and save as jpg


Open your butterfly
Shift D to duplicate & close original
If you need more room to work go to Image>Canvas Size and icrease it both ways by 20 pixels or so.  Make sure you click the keep ratio button
Zoom out so you can see better

Add a new raster layer and send to bottom, we will remove this later
Floodfill with a contrasting color so you can see better

After doing this I noticed some excess of the tube so I erased it, this will make the animation look better

Using your freehand selection tool anti alias UNchecked, select around the body of the butterfly
(I find it easier sometimes to set my freehand tool on Point to Point depending on what I'm doing and this would be one of those lol)
I got as close as I could when going around the part connected to the wings but dont worry about that on the rest of if
When you're done selecting left click on the inside of the selection to tighten it up

CTRL C to copy ~ CTRL X to cut ~ CTRL L to paste as new layer

You can now delete the floodfilled layer, you no longer need it

Activate the body layer
Copy and CTRL V to paste into animation shop
Effects>Insert Image Effect
Effect length 1.5 seconds ~ Frames Per Second 6 ~ Effect Compress ~ Click OK
You should have 10 frames
CRTL A to select all
Click on the cross on the tool bar and click on the spot where you want the body to line up
Go back to the arrow for now

Go back to psp and copy your body & paste into animation shop
Duplicate until you have 10 frames
Select all
Click on the cross again and click on the center of the body

Grab the body by the first frame and place on the first frame of the wings.  It will automactically go into the proper position when you let go
Preview your animation
Save for later use

Open your tag
Duplicate until you have 10 frames
Do as you did for adding the body, position in your desired position on the tag, you don't need to click on the cross for this one
I added it 3 times, rotating & resizing for each one
Preview animation

If everything is ok save as gif and your all done!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial

I would love to post your © compliant result, just email it to me with the tut name in the subject line


Result by Dixie

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